June 24th and 25th 2013 Caen (France)



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Caen Doctoral School Days

Caen Doctoral School Days

JED (Journée de l'école Doctorale)

June 24th and 25th 2013

Café Mancel – Caen castle

The Doctoral School Days are an event organized by the SIMEM Doctoral School. The 4th edition of the JED SIMEM will take place in June 2013 at Café Mancel, inside the Ducal castle in Caen. They aim to regroup all the Ph.D. students of our school around their research topic. Among with poster sessions, student conferences and prizes awards for the best, invited speakers will perform plenary talks.

 This is a unique opportunity to see the work of the PhD students of the Doctoral School, which includes a wide variety of laboratories (9), and to use plain language to present a specific field of research to a diverse scientific audience.

 Three invited speakers will be at the forefront during these two days:

  • Raphaël Haumont (Chemistry and Molecular Cooking) from the Paris-Sud Orsay University
  • Stéphane Perries (Particle Physics, Higgs Boson) from the Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
  • Patrick Bours (Biometric), from Norway

Moreover, the Caen Agility Club and Relais d’Sciences organization will be intervening. The former will introduce and then demonstrate an innovative way of managing projects while the latter will present its activites and illustrate them through two unique devices : the Fablab and the Billotron.

These days will be rich in both discoveries and exchanges. Don’t hesitate to fill the registration form and come along to live these two days with us !




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June, 7th 2013


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June, 7th 2013



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